Monster Power Chords

I get a ton of people asking me what is in my book. This video gives a synopsis of all the content as well as some demonstrations.

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  1. jr says:

    i bought the book, but where do i find the mp3 bundle downloads?

  2. dj says:

    Hi JR
    I e-mailed you the info. Thanks for checking out the book!


  3. Krystian says:

    Hi DJ. Are you planning to post any video lessons on your blog?

  4. jerry cannon says:

    i got monster power cord book, but cant get downoad?????

  5. dj says:

    Hi Jerry
    I emailed you the link and login info yesterday. Please let me know if this workd! Thanks


  6. Moises G Carvalho says:

    Hi Dj,

    I also bought the book, but the link to the mp3 bundle (that is at the end of the book) appears to be dead.

    Thanks in advance for the support!! And congratulations for the high-quality material!!


  7. dj says:

    Hi Moises
    Links are repaired and I emailed them to you. Thanks!

  8. I am behind the power curve. But the ARMY has kept me busy, I read on the MM forum there were some revisions to MPC, and some downloads for MPC where can I get them from?

    Thank You,
    Theran Martin

  9. dj says:

    Hi T
    There is a single revision that corrects a TAB mistake. I will email it to you today.



  10. Sherwin says:

    I purchased Monster Power Chords. Look like a killer book, but can you send me the link to the downloads. I can find them.


  11. dj says:

    Hi Sherwin!
    Info has been emailed to you!

  12. John Leslie says:

    DJ, when will MPC hit the Metal Method site?

  13. dj says:

    Hi John
    MPC Should be on the MM site in early November. The program is complete and was sent to Doug last week so it’s in his hands at this point. I am excited about it! Turned out awesome!

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