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DJN Music Studio is a top of the line music-learning environment above and beyond your typical music shop. Studying in a fully automated Mac based digital recording studio gives our students a 21st century edge in learning music. Students learn playing guitar while getting hands on experience using tools such as: Garage Band, Finale, Music Ace, Guitar Pro 5, EZ Drummer, and Pro Tools. Specializing in teaching guitar, bass, and composition, DJN Music Studio students study music theory and technique in relation to music they know and love. SIGN UP TODAY FOR FREE GUITAR LESSON CONSULTATION

Lead Guitar DNA by DJ Nelson

Guitar Lesson DVD

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Get out of the Pentatonic rut Learning to play lead guitar, for most guitarists, begins with the minor pentatonic scale. The shape is easy to play, our index finger can stay in the same fret, and mostly, it never seems to sound bad. But there comes a point for every guitarist that they realize the pentatonic scale is a dead end. You wind up stuck in a box, regurgitating the same riffs over and over with no regard for the chords you are playing over. More

Learn Power Chords

Monster Power Chords

by DJ Nelson The best beginners rock book on the market today! Learn the power chords and techniques that drive Rock, Punk, Alternative, and Metal including:

  • Open and Moveable Power Chords
  • Extended Power Chords
  • Rhythm Techniques
  • Advanced strumming techniques
  • Palm Muting and Muted Strumming
  • Alternate Picking
  • Harmonics and Squeals
  • Fundamental theory concepts for the fretboard
  • Includes 100 exercises for practice.
  • Free Download Bundle with over40 jam along loops and 4 videos

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