Dee J Nelson is a graduate of De Paul School of Music in Chicago, class of 1998. While earning his way through college David taught over forty students a week private music lessons and still managed to graduate with honors.

While at DePaul University, Dee J earned a BA in music composition. While studying composition Dee J studied jazz guitar for 1 year under Bob Palmieri and 1 year under classical instructor Mark Maxwell. Before attending DePaul Dee J studied privately for 4 years under prog/metal guitar wizard George Bellas.

Dee J began teaching guitar at the ripe young age of 18 and has not looked back. His unique approach to teaching combines an energetic personality, creativity, and wicked chops with a deep knowledge of music. From in your face hard rock to finger picking chord-melodies Dee J is as well rounded of a teacher you will find.

In 2009 Dee J released his first book entitled Monster Power Chords. Doug Marks, founder of Metal Method Guitar Lessons immediately endorsed Dee J’s new book as a “perfect supplement” his complete basic guitar package DVD and has released it in the Metal Method catalog. Metal Method has since released Dee J’s Lead Guitar DNA in 2010 and the DVD version of Monster Power Chords in 2011. Metal Method has been the leader in media guitar lessons for nearly 30 years.

On top of teaching music and writing books Dee J has toured on a national level with the bands Fashion Bomb and Spyder Baby and has several major endorsements including Dean Guitars. Dee J has several writing credits including the song “Watch You Die” on the full length national release Let Us Prey by Spyder Baby.